Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nesting already?!

It hit me last week that Collins is going to be here SOON. Yes, I am only 32 weeks (tomorrow) but I'm thinking she's free to come anytime after 36 weeks. She probably won't but my head has been spinning lately on things I need to get done!

Must finish nursery!! I felt like I started it super early and here I am, 8 weeks from my due date and her walls are bare and I don't have a glider yet. I have been on the look out for frames and things I want to do above her dresser and Derek's cousin is making a big canvas for above her crib. Must shop this weekend for frames and order a glider (why do those things have to be so expensive)?!

I have officially started my list for things to pack for the hospital and have been doing some research online for what people suggest packing. If anyone has any recommendations on things to pack or not to pack, please share. Some things on my list include nursing bras, comfy clothes and granny panties Yep, called my sister Amy today and she says the bigger the underwear, the better. That should be a fun shopping trip..not!

Hospital pre-registration form has been mailed in, pre-admission appointment has been set up and birthing classes start the 17th.

Get some Christmas/birthday shopping done. Since 6 of our 7  nieces and nephews are born in Nov. and Dec. I am wanting to get some shopping done since I won't be working in Dec. (no paychecks) and I don't want to have to do crazy amounts of shopping with a newborn and maybe (hopefully) snow. I have 1 thing for Harper ordered so that leaves many many more gifts to get. Sisters, send me lists for the kids!!!

Speaking of Christmas, I can't stop thinking about it! I love the holiday in general but I think because it will be our first holiday with Collins (unless she graces us with her presence before Thanksgiving) it's making it extra special. I can't stop buying her Christmas clothes, bows and researching stockings and mantle ideas. Crazy I know. I'm thinking I need to get the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving since I hope to have newborn in my arms the weekend after Thanksgiving. Now I gotta talk Derek into putting lights on the house this year...

So those are the things that have been on my mind lately. I am getting sssooo anxious to meet Collins but clearly, I have plenty of things I need to do before she makes her debut.


  1. I definitely remembering feeling this way! :) Your little princess will be here before you know it, so much to do and get ready and think about, that it will go by so fast! I had packed are laptop and movies (I was induced, and so It came in handy, especially because I was in labor for 21 hours, and cable TV can suck..haha) plus comfy clothes, pads, nursing pads, brought the diaper bag, change of clothes for Mitchell, camera, and thats about it!

  2. Eeeek! She is coming soon! So excited :). I have some frames that I'm using. If you want to check them out you're welcome to them.

  3. Comfy, pretty jammies! I ended up having a c-section so was thankful for some comfy jammies that at least felt like I had something decent on for people coming to see the baby too.

  4. Gah! Christmas is going to be soooo fun with a new baby. I am never putting her down!

  5. So excited for you! :) Here are a few things I suggest having with you at the hospital..Boppy pillow, camera and video camera, a sweater (it was freezing in our room), and yes those granny panties! :)

  6. Thanks for the recommendations girls! I didn't think about packing anything for Derek. oops :) Thanks to pinterest I found a pretty good list but I will have to remember warm clothes and all the electrical things. Thank goodness for technology. Hopefully facebook and pinterest can keep me occupied while in the hospital.