Sunday, September 16, 2012

30 Weeks (9/14/12)

How far along? 30 weeks

Size of baby: 3 pounds and 15.7 inches. About the size of a large cabbage 

Weight gain: 20 pounds. Going to try and only gain a pound a week from here on out. Less I gain, less I have to lose after baby.

Maternity clothes: Yes. Been wearing maternity jeans, tanks and shirts. I still wear regular clothes in bigger sizes too. In the beginning, I was so excited to wear maternity jeans because of how comfortable they are...wrong!! Am I the only 1 who doesn't find these things comfortable? The ones with the elastic are near impossible to get on and I can hardly breath when I sit down and the ones with the bands are just annoying. I hate pulling the band over my belly cause it leaves a line but if I leave the band low, their hard to keep on. I guess I might just need to go shopping since all my jeans are hand-me-downs but I have Gap, Old Navy and Motherhood maternity ones and I don't like any.

Stretch marks: This is embarrassing but I have a some tiny ones on my butt. Really? My butt? That is the last thing that I needed to grow!  

Sleep: Some nights are pretty good and some nights I wake up to use the bathroom and then my nose starts running and I can't fall back asleep for like an hour. This always happens around 5am so by the time I fall back asleep, I only get 30-45 more minutes of sleep. Rolling over is getting super hard so usually I only switch sides when I wake up to go to the bathroom.  

Symptoms: Hard time breathing sometimes but other then that, feeling good!

Best moment this week: Learning to make bows, and getting stuff for the nursery.

Movement: So much movement. Poor girl is getting crammed in there! Sometimes I wonder what in the world she is doing in there with all the movement she does. I am constantly putting my hand on my stomach feeling her move and feeling what I think is her head or foot (super hard spots). Derek yells at me because he think I am damaging her brain. Ha!  

Food cravings: Not many cravings this week. I might have had Pizza Hut, leftover Pizza Hut or pizza rolls almost every day this week but who's keeping track :)

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Tanning!!! I don't do it a lot but now would be a time that I would definitely go.

Milestones: FINALLY reached my last 10 weeks! It's crazy that in a few weeks I will be packing my hospital bags just in case she comes early. We have our first baby shower this weekend so Derek will be assembling baby things and then we will be set for her to arrive! I'm scared to death of labor but I know the end result will be all worth it. I am sssooo anxious to see her face and hold her in my arms. And now I am crying. Dang hormones :)


  1. Ugh now I am crying too!! I can't wait to meet her, I hope I can make it there in time for the labor, I guess I should start making a "if Sarah goes into labor plan" soon!! ;)

    Like your haircut, super cute!

    PS-you DO know it's hand-me-downs NOT hammy downs right? Please say yes, I am still trying to convince Amber it's a lap top and not a lab top!

  2. bahahaha. Oops! I went ahead and fixed hand-me-downs. I even googled it cause I didn't know how to spell it and it didn't say it wasn't a word!

    And yes, you need to come up with a "Sarah's in labor" plan because I need you there taking pics and assuring me I'm not going to die :) I know what the plan can be, push the kids in the car and drive as fast as you can. You guys should probably have bags packed a couple weeks in advance too.