Monday, September 24, 2012

31 Weeks (9/21/12)

How far along? 31 weeks

Size of baby: 3.3 pounds and 16.2 inches. About the size of a bunch of asparagus. It's so crazy to me how long she is now.  Derek and I are both short so I'm not expecting her to be over 20 in. which means she is almost full grown (length wise).

Weight gain: 21 pounds. I had A LOT of desserts this weekend so I was scared to get on the scale this morning at the doctors office. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be though. Doc said it looked like I had a bowling ball in my belly. Yeah, a 50 pound one!

Maternity clothes: Yes. Been wearing maternity jeans, tanks and shirts. I still wear regular clothes in bigger sizes too.

Stretch marks: Not any new ones

Sleep: I only woke up to pee once last night! That's huge! Besides last night though I have been waking 2-4 times to go to the bathroom and if I wake up after 4am, I can almost guarantee my nose starts running after I go to the bathroom. The allergy medicine wears off in the middle of the night which has meant lots of sleepless nights lately.

Symptoms: Been feeling great! Lose my breath quite a bit but I am hoping she drops soon and I can breath again.  

Best moment this week: My first baby shower! I plan to do a whole post on it but a couple ladies from Derek's hometown threw me a baby shower yesterday and I had a great time. Collins was spoiled with outfits, her first tutu (yay!!!!), bows and lots of necessities (diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc).  There was also really yummy cake and cupcakes. They know how to win me over.
I also had a doctors appointment this morning. Everything looks great and she felt the baby for the first time and was pretty sure she was head down. Let's hope she stays like that. She also checked my ankles for swelling and said they looked great. Heart rate has dropped to upper 130s/lowers 140s now that she is bigger but doc said 120-150 is normal so all is good.

Movement: Yes. She didn't move a ton yesterday but has made up for it today. I think the cheering from the k-state game kept her up late Saturday night and she was sleepy yesterday.  

Food cravings: Fruit. I ate a bag of grapes in like 2 days and have really been liking apples. I got caramel at the store tonight and had it with my apple for dinner. Ah-mazing. Still on an apricot kick too but didn't want dried apricots and couldn't find them in the produce section at wal-mart. Are they not in season?

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Basic movements like turning over, getting up and bending over. I don't know what I am going to do when it gets cold and I actually have to wear shoes. Guess I better be getting some shoes with no shoe laces!

Milestones: Getting closer and close to my due date!

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