Monday, September 10, 2012

29 Weeks (9/7/12)

How far along? 29 weeks

Size of baby: 2.5 lbs and 15.2 inches. About the size of a butternut squash

Weight gain: Went to the doctor today and I am up 19 lbs. So much for only gaining 20-25 lbs this whole pregnancy. Measuring 1 cm (1 week) ahead.

Maternity clothes: Yes. Been wearing maternity jeans, tanks and shirts. I still wear regular clothes in bigger sizes too.

Stretch marks: Not that I can see

Sleep: Not too bad. Usual 2-3 bathroom trips and I am starting to cramp easily and have to switch positions more frequently. Allergies haven't kept me awake in the middle of the night but sometimes I wake up early with them and can't fall back asleep. Doctor recommended I take Zyrtec in the mornings and Benadryl at night to knock me out so I am going to try that tonight.

Symptoms: Little heartburn, 1 headache and a couple mornings I have gotten really hot, short of breath and nausea's 1 time. Doctor said it was normal, just a growing baby pushing on my organs.

Best moment this week: Going to the doctor today. Felt like I hadn't been in forever so and I didn't get to see my doctor the last time I went so I was anxious to see what she had to say. Everything looked great, Collins heartbeat was right at 150 and I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now! Only bad news, this was the first time I had been to the doctor since my 2nd glucose test and since a nurse just called with the results, my doctor actually talked to me about it all today. You have to fail 2 of the 4 tests to be considered diabetic and I only failed 1. So although I don't have diabetes, I am at a greater risk for having a big baby. Awesome. NOT!!!! She just said to go easy on the sugar and everything should be fine. So Collins is probably going to be 10 pounds. Lovely.

 Movement: Oh yeah. I loved the little kicks but now that she is getting big, some of the movements feel weird and sometimes tickle. I still love feeling her kick and watching my stomach move but it can be weird at times.

Food cravings: Well I just got back from the grocery store so here are a few things that made it into the cart that normally don't. Granted, I went before dinner so I was hungry and wanted everything. 1. Dried apricots. Never have I ever bought apricots but they sounded delicious. Even ate some on my way home. 2. Pizza rolls. I haven't had these since freshmen year of college. 3. Butterfingers. These are a weekly occurrence. Derek probably won't let me go alone again.

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Not waking up 1000 times a night. I think those days are long gone though.

Milestones: Last week in the 20s. I feel like the 20s have been the longest 10 weeks and I am anxious to start the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. Start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now until end of October and then I start going every week.

Elsie and Collins are best friends already


  1. Ha! 10 lb baby, awesome! We love little chubber babies!!

    Oh honey, you will regret EVER saying the words "I am ready to be in the 30 weeks" because they are HELL. You will be begging to feel like you do now in the 20's

    Not tryin to scare ya, just keepin it real. Love ya :)

  2. Don't worry about the weight gain - I gained 40 and that was a week before she was due and I vowed to not step on the scale again! :) Aspen was 9 lbs 5 oz and a little hulk baby in the nursery, but those little baby fat rolls are the stinking cuteset thing ever!

  3. I lloovveee chubby babies but I prefer her to wait till AFTER she comes out to gain the weight. Pushing a 10 lb baby out doesn't sound pleasant.

    I am sure I will regret saying I am ready for the next 10 weeks but this pregnancy is starting to take forever and I am very anxious to meet her. I can only imagine how crammed everything is going to get inside my belly.