Thursday, December 1, 2011

Midweek Randoms

  • It’s December!!! By far the best month of the year. Our Christmas tree is up and I can’t wait to start putting presents underneath it.
The mantle needs some work. I through it together tonight
  • The daycare is coming along. The twins and I have been spending more time at our house so I can get things put together. Jan 2 will be here before I know it
twins2eating lunch at our house
  • While watching the twins at my house, I forgot to pack bibs for lunch and Gage made a mess. I also forgot extra clothes (nanny fail) so I put him in one of my smallest shirts. He loved it!
  • Thanksgiving recap is still in the works. We hosted our first holiday at our house and had such a great time.

  • My sister and her family are coming again this weekend. YAY!! We are celebrating my nephews 3rd birthday and nieces 2nd (their cousins, not siblings). We will also be having breakfast with Santa and a Chiefs/Bears watch party because we are all Chiefs fans except for my sister and her family who are Bears fans. Amy texted me this yesterday…”I just heard Pax tell his friend, my uncle likes the Chiefs.” Darn right kid. And you should too!

  • The twins fell asleep in the car this morning and after I brought Gage inside, stood him up and went out to get Ian, I walked inside to Gage laying on the floor back asleep. Ian was conked out in my arms so I laid him down for a pic. Must have been tired cause he didn’t flinch when I laid him on the hard floor.
  • Our dog is battling bladder stoneS. Yes, many of them. Poor thing! We are hoping we can get them dissolved and not have to do $800 surgery. She had to have this surgery 4 years ago and I never thought we would have to go through it again!
Precious baby. Can you tell she likes toys?
  • We are still loving the house. Haven’t done any updating but are going to paint a couple rooms after the first of the year.


  1. I LOVE the picture of the twins asleep on the floor. :) And breakfast with santa? That sounds fun, I think you should probably pass along some info on that one!

  2. It's at my brothers work! Your more then welcome to come with us around 10 on Saturday. Just muffins, donuts, juice etc and then Santa will be there and a professional photographer (you get free prints in mail), clown that makes things out of balloons and face painting. Kids loved it last year!

  3. Pax actually said "My Derek likes the Chiefs" so apparently Derek is HIS Derek, ha! See you later today!!!