Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Entertainment

The twins and I ventured to Bass Pro Shop on Tuesday. I wanted to try and get a good pic of them with Santa to give to their mom and dad. Plus, I heard they had free Christmas activities for the kids.

I’m pretty sure they would have been fine NOT seeing Santa or doing the activities. They had a blast just walking around the store and seeing the different animals and boats. Free indoor zoo during the winter Smile


Staring at the BIG fish in the tank


They enjoyed watching the elevator going up and down more then the fish pond


Keeping a close eye on that scary bear


I know what they want for Christmas




This is what Gage wanted to do the whole time

And as far as the good pic with Santa to give to their parents…


Ian so calm and collective…


Gage finding out he is on the naughty list. Ian was not happy about it either!

…Maybe next year!

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  1. hahahahaha LOVE IT. Chris doesn't go in until 1 next Wednesday and Thursday so we talked about going to check it out. Ryann loves the animals there too.