Friday, December 30, 2011

Here we go again

Another Friday night and I am sitting here writing a blog post. It’s 9:15 and we have already watched a movie because someone (ugh hum Derek) had to have it over with my 9 so he could watch the stupid bowl game. What is it with men and their sports?! I’m all about football when K-State and occasionally the Chiefs play but other then that, I don’t care one bit about sports.

Anyways…Still waiting on my sister to email me some pics of Christmas and then I will finish the Christmas posts. I know your all dying of anticipation. So for now you get to listen to me ramble about other things. It’s my blog so I can ramble if I want to ramble :-)

I am feeling very caught up on my sleep this week. I worked a whole 8 hours this week so I got to sleep in Be jealous Amy and Amber. Derek was also off with the exception of Tuesday so although I hoped to paint some rooms in the house, we just never got around to it. Soon enough.

Tuesday was spent running around town like a crazy lady getting everything I needed before my 1st home inspection for my daycare license. Derek might have gotten the bad end of this because he had to install locks on our kitchen cabinets (which were impossible to screw through), buy and set up our entertainment center for our TV in the basement (daycare area) and he still needs to finish the gate on the stairs I gave up on trying to put together. But our work paid off and the house passed with flying colors. Now I just need to fill up my last 2 spots so I can open it up. I am looking for 9moths and older if anyone knows of anyone in the KC area.

I DREAD taking the Christmas decorations down. Love putting them up but taking them down is a pain in the butt!

Zoe is all healed from surgery and back to her normal self. Except for the fact that she starved herself for 4 days because she refused to eat the food the vet prescribed for her bladder stones. I was starting to worry she might keel over and die so we called the vet and he gave us a different food. Luckily he let us exchange the one she wouldn’t eat since it was $30 for a little bag! She hasn’t stopped eating the new food.

Our neighbors are having a party and we are seriously considering showing up. Hey they said to come over anytime so I think that’s a fair enough invite.

As much as we wanted to go cheer on the Cats at the Cotton Bowl, we decided to not go. It’s been an expensive month with Christmas, Zoe’s surgery and some other things so we are going to wait and do a trip in the next couple months. We’ll be cheering loud for our Cats from KC.

Were going to Argosy Casino for New Years tomorrow. Just the two of us. Nothing like partying it up with the 50+ age group.

I will stop boring you now. Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the random post! I am kind of jealous of your Casino night. I have been wanting to do something like that since I turned 21! Way cool your day care license went well. We just got a new couch today and now my head is spinning with ideas of how to redecorate, painting is first on my list. I so need to put up an actual blog post and stop commenting on everyone else's !

  2. I e-mailed you the pictures this afternoon!! Did you not get them? Let me know and I will email them to you again. I would LOVE to spend New Years at a casino, that sounds am-ah-zing!! I might be spending it home alone, either that or Willies. Woo-di-freakin-hoo!! Love you!