Friday, December 23, 2011

Betty Crocker

Once a year I put my apron on and try to be Betty Crocker. And every year I say, NEVER AGAIN!! I don’t get how people like to bake. You make numerous trips to the grocery store just to get the ingredients. God forbid you remember every ingredient the first trip! Then you spend hours melting, mixing, baking yadda yadda yadda. Then you have to decorate the cookies because nobody likes a cookie without frosting and sprinkles. Don’t think I get all creative and do Santa’s and snowmen and all that. I attempted that the other weekend at my aunt’s and lets just say my snowman looked like clump of white frosting. Then your done decorating and your like phew, finally done! Not so much. You gotta spend another hour cleaning up your kitchen that looks like a tornado just went through it. So yes, the stuff tastes and looks good but is it really worth spending 5 hours making it all when you can just buy it? I don’t think so.
But enough of my complaining. Here are the wonderful goodies I made this year.
  • Chex mix is still in the oven as I type this. Man that stuff makes your house smell good.

Recipe found here. I switch the ingredients up a bit though

  • Holly Candy. Thanks mom for making a late night trip to Walgreens for me to get red hots.
Recipe found here
  • Sugar cookies. Store bought dough of course. Thanks mom and Aiden for decorating them.
Recipe found here
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  • Puppy chow. So easy yet so messy.
Recipe found here

So Betty Crocker and Amy, move on over. Sarah is the new baking queen (only in December though).


  1. Amy is the betty crocker, not me!(I think you meant to say that... :) I dont like it either and completely agree about ALL the hard work THEN the dreaded cleaning up, ugh!! Thanks for letting Aiden come over to help!!

  2. Oh come on, it's tons of fun! Ha ha. I do like baking, but it would be a whole lot better if someone did the clean up for me.

  3. bahahahaha. i actually have been a baking slacker this year.

  4. I said Amy! Amber, you cook. Amy bakes. Ashley does both and I do neither :)