Friday, December 16, 2011

Officially Old

You know your old when your Friday night consists of cleaning carpet and writing a blog post. We have been so busy the past 3 weekends that I am so excited to have a weekend where we have no plans. Besides some Christmas shopping and Derek’s parents coming tomorrow, we have zelcho plans.

We didn’t have time to clean the carpets in our new home between the previous owners moving out and when we moved in so we borrowed Derek’s parent’s carpet cleaner and finally got around to cleaning them tonight. We wanted to do it right when we moved in but with Zoe having bladder stones, she was having accidents about 1-2 a week in the house so I thought we should just hold off till she was better. Speaking of her, she is doing MUCH better. She can finally go all night without needing to go outside. Praise the lord! It was like having a newborn having to let her out 1-2 times a night. She still isn’t moving around too much and I am pretty sure she is going to milk us carrying her down the steps and wherever she wants to go until we cut the cord. She is a little swollen which is normal but taking her to vet tomorrow just to double check. Plus, she has hardly ate since Monday night!


No wonder she was having a hard time going to the bathroom and constantly wanting to go out! Vet said this wasn’t even all the stones! She will be on a very strict diet now since this is her 2nd time with stones!


Day after surgery. All wrapped up in her baby blanket, on the couch, with her favorite toy next to her. Not spoiled at all

I uploaded all my pics from my phone so here are some from 2 weekends ago when my Amy and her family came for Aiden and Harper’s birthday parties.

Joe’s Crab Shack. Don’t worry, Aiden is drinking Root Beer, not beer.


The birthday girl and boy!!! They each got their own cake and we sang 2 times so they didn’t totally get screwed :)


Have a good weekend!!

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