Friday, November 18, 2011

Our 1st home

We finally got internet on Wednesday so I figured I better get to uploading pictures of the new house! Remember that we just moved in 5 days ago so we haven’t painted anything, updated anything or even finished unpacking everything.
Welcome to our first home! Yes, Derek already has our K-State flag out (thanks mom for the flag)!
This is what you see when you walk in the front door. To the left is the living room and straight ahead is our 100 staircases.  Seriously, every house we looked at was a split level. Not my fav but at least in ours, you don’t have to immediately go up or down.
Lets start by going downstairs. Obviously we still need to paint and either get new couches or put slip covers on these ancient couches. The whole basement will be my daycare so I don’t want anything super fancy.
Here we are at the bottom of the steps. Still need to mount the TV on the wall and find something other then a TV tray to put our cable box on!
If you go to the right, there is a hallway that leads to a bedroom at the end of the hall,full bathroom on the left, storage on the right.
Basement bathroom. There is a shower to the right
Toy room! It actually looks way worse in there right now then in these pics. I unpacked boxes and the twins have been over twice this week and have had a heyday tearing the room apart.
Right when you come downstairs, there is a door behind you that leads down to another unfinished basement. Funny story, the people left an OLD TV hooked up in there and for whatever reason, the cable guy hooked one of our cable boxes up in there. So I guess now when we are pulling our x mas decorations, we can watch TV!
Now if you come in the front door and go upstairs, you see this!
Still want to stain all the wood, get new appliances and we are going to look for a kitchen table tomorrow. I think I am going to keep the paint color though.
Turn to your right and there is hallway with 2 bedrooms, linen closet and full bathroom. Staircase on the right goes up to our room.
Don’t you love the purple shower curtain and awful green paint? That blue paint in the guest room is nice too huh? Changing both!! Brown room will eventually be a nursery.
And lastly, go up yet another set of stairs and enter our room!! We just got the furniture today and our bedding hasn’t came in the mail yet so it’s pretty bare.
Toilet room to the left and other picture is our very long closet.
Now for the backyard…
They just did the deck so all we need is some deck furniture and to re seed the grass. I love our backyard. SOOO happy they left the playset for my daycare!
There you have it! Hope you enjoy our new home! I will keep you updated with all the updates we do. I am getting so many great ideas from pinterest!


  1. LOVE the house (especially the kitchen and deck).

  2. Love it! Congrats on your first home! It is beautiful!

  3. So awesome!! You guys are going to have so many great memories there! Can't wait to see it next weekend, love you baby sis, so proud of you and Derek!!