Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day You Challenge…Day 7: 4 books


This is a tough one. I don’t read books so I’m going to do magazines and a book I want to read

1. I love any celebrity magazine. US weekly, People, etc.  I hate buying magazines cause their $3-$4 and I read them in 15 min. and then throw them away. I stay up on my celebrity gossip through or E! News

2. Kraft Food and Family. Great, easy recipes


3. The Knot. I don’t buy them anymore but when I was planning the wedding, this was my favorite magazine. I plan on buying The Bump and The Nest when time comes


4. I would like to read Heaven Is For Real. A true story about a 4-year old who tells stories about his trip to heaven after having a life-saving surgery.


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