Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge…Day 3: 8 Fears



Todays challenge is a little hard. Not that I can’t think of 8 fears (I’m scared of a lot), it’s just hard to tell others what you fear. So don’t laugh…


  1. I fear the dark. If you’ve been following my 10 day challenge, you are already aware of this. Weird thing is, my room has to be pitch dark for me to sleep. Just gotta make sure someone is sleeping with me Smile
  2. I fear being able to get pregnant and having a healthy baby. Derek’s sister and my sisters were both fertile mertiles so I feel like we’ve been too lucky and I’ll be the one to have a hard time or have some sort of complication. I pray I am wrong!
  3. I fear spiders, snakes, sharks and ostriches. I can blame my mom for that one. She once scared me for life when we went through a drive through zoo and one tried to come in my window. I jumped to the backseat where she continued to roll down BOTH back windows. I was screaming and she was just laughing (don’t worry  I was like 18, not 3. She’s not THAT mean)


  4.   I fear losing my family…and dogs. I always kid with Derek saying I’m  going to be all old and alone cause he is 5 years older then me. Chances are, I’ll die first cause he is in way better shape. I also always tell the dogs they can’t ever die. Derek thinks I almost cry even thinking about it (he’s kind of right). I fear anyone close to me dying!

     5.     I fear an intruder. Being a chicken runs in the family. I am always paranoid of being raped, kidnapped or murdered.

6.  I fear our future.  I fear something happening to our careers, raising our kids, financial issues, etc.

7. I fear ghosts. I believe in them and I don’t wanna mess with em!

8. I fear medical issues. I just hope my family continues to stay healthy and that future family members are healthy and stay healthy!


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  1. OMG I want to do this challenge just for this post alone!! I have so many irrational fears. Tornados, big waves, pool vacuums(yeah they freak me out!), the list goes on and on. Your ostrich one is pretty funny, but totally understandable. Just wait until you have your own kids, NOTHING is safe! The whole world is one big danger zone, you won't ever sleep........just sayin :)