Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5: Your siblings

I am so grateful to have 3 AMAZING siblings. I love the relationship we have and want 4 (maybe 5) kids of my own one day. I hope they have as great as a relationship as I do with my siblings.

My brother Tony... the oldest and is 6 years older then me. Poor guy was always being begged to play house, play with barbies, etc. I luckily don't remember this but he told us girls that he used to let us play hide and seek with him and his friends and he would go have us hide and then never come find us. haha! I think he always wished one of us girls was a boy and now he has finally gotten his "little brother" by volunteering for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. His "little brother" is just as lucky as us girls are. He would do anything in the world for his sisters and he spoils us (and our niece and nephew) like crazy. He is hilarious and super nice. I love my big brother to death!

My sister Amy... the oldest of us girls and is 4 years older then me. She has two of the best kids EVER and is an amazing mom. She is the bookworm of the family. Growing up, we would all be playing outside and Amy would be in her room reading a book. I used to hate sleeping in my room because it faced the cemetary (it was like a mile away AND was hidden behind trees but I was still scared to death) so she let me sleep with her every single night for probably 2 years! I admire her because she is basically a single parent. Her husband works a lot so she works, takes care of the kids, cleans, makes dinner, etc and I don't know anyone that could do it better. I know when I have kids, I will be calling her daily for advice because I have seen what great kids she has raised. Love you Amy!

My siser Amber... the middle girl and is 2 years older then me. I call her my personal hair stylist, make up artist, wedding planner and shopper. She is awesome at all of them! Not only is she the most talkative and social one of us kids but she too is an amazing mom. Everyone always says I am so quiet because I have her as an older sister and she is always talking! I wish I had that trait of hers beccause she can carry on a conversation with anyone. She became a mom a little earlier then she has planned but she has taken on the mom role and has rocked at it. I used to fight with her the most but that has completely changed. I talk to her daily and now that we live a couple miles apart, I am always hanging out with her and my nephew and I love it! Love you Amber!

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