Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 4: Your Parents

I always tell people how great of a childhood I had and I owe it to her. She was always helping out at our school planning our school carnivals and other things, she helped out in our neighborhood, we always had the BEST toys, she always made sure we looked nice when we left the house, she always made it a point that we eat dinner as a family every night, I could go on and on. I am lucky enough to only live about 5 blocks from her so we get to have dinner together almost weekly, go on walks together, go shopping, and just hang out when we are bored. We have had some ups and downs but it has made our family that much closer and there has never been a day that I stopped loving my mom.

I wish I got a dollar everytime someone told me I looked like my dad. I may look like him but I can only hope to be as good of a person as he is. He is the most loving, caring, hardworking man there is. He has built almost every single home we have lived in (I think that's 5 houses), worked a part time job for awhile just so us kids could have a nice home, working cars, new clothes, etc. Growing up and even after us kids left home for college, we would always get together for Sunday dinners. Nobodys cooking compares to my dads. It's seriously the best food ever! It was tough moving away from my dad last year but we are only 2 hours apart and I still seem him almost every weekend. He calls me his mom because I am always calling him to check up on him. I love my dad and will always be daddys girl.

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  1. I hope your parents see this because this post is so sweet!