Thursday, June 26, 2014

19 months

19 months, going on 5.  You seem to think you are way older then you are and that you can do everything by yourself.  Hints the huge bump on your forehead in these pictures.  You were walking up the stairs behind me and I think you turned around to grab a shoe off the step and fell down and smacked your head on the hardwood floor.  You keep bumping it so I'm not sure it will ever heal.

Other things your think you need to do by yourself are sitting at the picnic table for meals and snacks (we don't allow for dinner), WALK down the stairs without holding our hand, throw things away, especially your diapers after we change you, try to change your own diaper and wipe yourself, brush your own teeth, pour water on your head and scrub with the washcloth, take your shoes off and sit in a chair or the booth at restaurants. You love having your hair done and helping pick out a bow after we get your dressed. Your hair is getting curlier and curlier and I love it!
  You've sat on the potty a couple times and haven't actually went but like to get a piece of toilet paper, wipe and throw it in the toilet. I think your just about ready for potty training if we can get you talking more. 

Our scale says 22.5 pounds and I would guess around 32 inches. You are always asking to eat (yes, finally saying the word) so hopefully your packing on some weight. Still in a size 5 shoe, size 4 diaper and 12-18 month clothes. You are so slow in the teeth department and only have 8 teeth. You've been sticking your fingers in your mouth lately and had a low grade fever the other day so I'm hoping some teeth are coming. And let's pray they all come at once, teething is no fun. 

Like I mentioned before, eating is your favorite.  You get so mad when I tell you it's not time to eat and I usually give in because there are only so many times I  can hear "eat, eat, eat." When you really want to get your point across you sign the word eat as you say it. I get it girlfriend, your hungry. You love reading books and will sit in the rocking chair in your room and just look at them by yourself. It's very rare that you'll be in a room by yourself but this is one thing you will do alone. 

As of 2 nights ago, you are sleeping in a toddler bed! You having been falling right to sleep and sleeping through the night.  I was scared for nap time but you've done so great and haven't attempted to get out of bed at all. You wait in your bed and yell for me and then climb off as soon as I open the door.  I cried when we set up your new bed. It's just not right that your already out of your crib. We were going to do the transition regardless since brother needs it but you climbed out of your crib 2 weeks ago so it was definitely time. Hopefully your 8pm-7am and 1.5-2 hour naps stick around with this new transition. It probably won't be long till you realize you have toys and books in your room that are better then sleeping. 
Still need bedding for it
Talking isn't your strongest trait but it's getting better. Some new words are  "no," "eat," "eh you" (thank you), "doggy,"  "uck" (duck), "that," and we swear you say "what's that?" I've caught you multiple times saying thank you without being prompted and that makes me very proud. Your please is still more of a tongue roll/spit but at least you try and it sure makes everyone laugh. Especially your cousins! 

You love swimming and hate being held in the pool. You'll go as deep as you can possibly touch and sometimes even too deep that you go under water. Doesn't phase you a bit though. You'll let me hold you on your back in the pool for a few seconds and you like to lay on your belly if it's shallow enough and kick your feet. I wish you had a little more fear of the water cause you can be a handful at the pool. Glad you love it though cause we have been going almost everyday (yes, you have a better tan then I do).

Too bright outside
You've really been throwing some fits this month and have started to hit anything or anyone in your way when you get mad. We're working on that one. I know it's because of the lack of communication so I try and get you to use your words to express yourself instead. Sometimes I just have to let you throw your fit on the floor for a couple minutes and then talk about the situation. I sure hope this phase passes quickly cause it can sure be stressful. 

We get so many compliments on how good you are and for the most part, you really are. Your just like me and are happiest when we are out and about and around others. We are watching cousin Aiden for the summer and you beyond happy about that. You guys share such a special bond and I have a feeling you won't be happy to trade him for a baby brother in August. 

I love you more and more each day.  My baby girl, forever and always. 

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