Thursday, June 19, 2014

29 weeks

Taking a weekly pic is turning out to be way harder then it probably should be.  Sorry dude.

How far along: 29 weeks (6/10/14)

Size of baby:  2 1/2 pounds and a tad over 15 inches.  About the size of a butternut squash.

Feeling: Some heartburn here and there and I think only 1 headache this week.  Having some sharp back pains and it's getting harder and harder to get off the floor when I am playing with Collins.

Weight gain: Scale still reading 17 pounds.

Gender: BOY!!  I signed his name on Derek's father's day card so it's basically official.  Maybe I'll share next week.  Or maybe I'll torture you and wait till he's born. 

Cravings: I polished off 2 sleeves of Town House buttery crackers in 2 days.  Yep, 1 sleeve a day and that was AFTER I ate lunch.  And sweets always sound good. 

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery painted! Our walls were a real b*tch and we almost didn't go through with the stripes but Derek pushed through (on Father's Day I might add) and I am so in love with them.  I constantly go in there and look at them.  Can't wait to get the furniture and decorations up now.  Oh and maybe put a baby in there.

Movement: As much as this guy moves, I'll be totally shocked if he likes being swaddled. And he likes to wait till I want to go to sleep to really get crazy in there.

Sleep: I finally busted the pregnancy pillow back out.  And pregnancy Charlie horses are not a myth.  I am terrified to stretch my legs in the morning because of them.  Oh the pain. Naps are pretty mandatory too.  I started watching my 5 year old nephew for the summer so we are staying extra busy.  We all crash in the afternoon.

Maternity clothes: Same as last week.  99% of the time I am in workout shorts and a tank top.  I assure you that there is no working out going on though.

Milestones:  Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain.  

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