Sunday, June 30, 2013

6th Annual Milford Trip

A couple weeks ago we headed to our annual Milford "camping" trip. This is something we look forward to every year and I was so excited to start this tradition with Collins. We meet my dads side of the family at Milford lake here in KS and spend a couple days catching up and having a good time.

It's only about a 2 hour drive but Collins felt the need for me to sit in the back seat with her. I don't argue with a teething baby.

The cabins weren't quite ready when we got there so we soaked up some sun and waited for everyone to start arriving.
Once we were able to get inside we changed into swim suits and headed to the beach. Since it was father's day, we let the dads go out on the boat sans children. They pulled the boat up to the beach and Aiden and Pax got on and did some tubing.
the cutest beach babe ever!
We ate dinner, got the kids bathed and in bed and then stayed up entirely too late having some drinks, listening to music on the patio and reminiscing. Amber taught my uncle some dance moves and Amy sang word for word to songs I'd never even heard. Kids go to bed and the mommies let loose.
 As always, the kids didn't get the sleeping in memo so we started the next day with a big breakfast and lots of water and Tylenol. We packed up some lunch and headed out on the boat.
That night was the annual fish fry. My grandparents, dad, aunt and uncles spend the day fishing for our dinner. They got lucky this year and caught quite a bit so we had a nice big fish fry.
And since we were on vacation and calories don't matter, we ended the night with smores. Cause you can't go camping and not have smores.
The time always goes way too fast before we all have to pack up and say our goodbyes. We didn't get a picture before people had already started leaving but we got our yearly pic in and headed home.
I think it's safe to say that Collins had a great time with her cousins and family we don't get to see enough. We've added a new baby almost every year since we started this family vacay and our cousin Tanner will get to bring his baby boy arriving in a couple months next year!



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  1. Lovin' all of her outfits, especially that bathing suit!! I see a ZTA shirt, I was in ZTA too :)