Thursday, June 27, 2013

365: Days 163-177

Feels good to be caught up!
June 12- This is how she gets from sitting to laying down. Look so painful
June 13- Shorts and chubby baby legs. Doesn't get any cuter
June 14- Need to find a baby pic of me because she looks so much like me in this pic
June 15- Baby crashing a BBQ
June 16- Happy 1st father's day!
June 17- Appropriately dressed for the fish fry
June 18- Crabby baby
 June 19- How many fingers can you fit in there?
June 20- Nighty night
June 21- Take each toy out 1 by 1 (and 7 months today)
June 22- So glad she loves the pool
June 23- Swinging away
June 24- pic fail
June 25- 1st Royals game
June 26- Big girl lunch
 June 27- Ghetto water table but kids loved it

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