Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up for Five on Friday!

1. New Job- Derek started a new job about 4 weeks ago and I am so proud and happy for him. He's doing medical sales which is what he has wanted to do for awhile now. It involves him traveling 1 week a month but hopefully in the next couple months he won't have to do that and then I'll love the job even more. Other then that week of travel, he has a pretty laid back schedule so it kind of makes up for that week. We are so thankful for this job opportunity and can't wait to see how it betters our future.

2.Busy Busy-We had something going on every weekend in May and we are gone this weekend and next weekend as well. We've gotten to spend a lot of time with family so that's always great but definitely ready for a weekend with no plans other then to sit at the pool and soak up the sun!

3.Getting up on knees-Someone please tell our child to stop growing! She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth like she is going to take off and crawl any day now. I left for a few hours last night and Derek posted the below picture. Pretty sure pulling up isn't supposed to happen for another couple months!

4. Unhealthy-There has been way too much eating out and frozen dinners and not enough cooking healthy meals and working out. I haven't worked out in a month and I can't even think of the last time we had a home cooked dinner. These things are going to change starting next week!

5. Long family vacay- Next weekend is our 6th annual Long family vacay. So ready for boating, late nights with family, eating our weight in food and of course, starting a new tradition with Collins!


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