Thursday, June 20, 2013

365: Days 149-162

May 29- My birthday dinner and her 2nd time in a highchair

May 30- 6 month well baby
 May 31- Wasting time waiting on aunt Amy and Amber for lunch
June 1 Watching daddy play softball

June 2- "hey girl hey."

June 3- Strawberry cuteness
June 4- Where's Collins?
 June 5- Looking really cute

June 6- What she wears when mommy has her vs what she wears when daddy watches her. And doing new tricks when mommy isn't home

 June 7- Then the next day she is all about trying to crawl
June 8- Family pic at great grandma and grandpa's 60th anniversary
June 9- My dream came true of identical twin girls.
 First swim
Loves cousin Aiden
 June 10- Hanging out in the shaded garage while daycare kids play in water
 June 11- First shopping cart ride

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