Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 month favorites

Little miss is almost 7 months so here are some of her favorites from this past month.

BabyGanics sunscreen- There's so much talk about how sunscreens are bad so I opted for this one. It's safe for her skin and it rubs in easily which isn't always the case with natural sunscreens.

Baby food- She is becoming quite the eater. She usually has oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast, and a vegetable and either some meat or fruit for dinner. Making her homemade meat grosses me out so we have been using the Gerber brand for that. I linked my favorite website for making baby food.

Fisher price shape sorter- She really likes chewing on the shapes and taking them in and out of the box. I'll tell her the color and put the shape where it's supposed to go and she'll hit it through the lid.

Munchkin fresh food feeder- Lifesaver when I am making meals. She loves banana or apple chunks in it. Ice is good too when I think her gums are hurting.

 Tommee tippee sippee- (say that 10 times) She hasn't totally mastered these but she can hold them with both hands and does a pretty good job tilting it back to drink it. This sippy's have a soft spout that she loves to chew on and the water comes out easily for her to drink. They say they aren't supposed to leak but they do so I don't love that part.

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