Friday, July 5, 2013

A day in our life

I did a day in the life post back in January but I thought I would do it again since Collins was only 1.5 months then and now she is 7.5 months. You can read that post here.

This was Monday, July 2. I had 3 of my 5 daycare kids (all boys who are 1) this day.

4:15am She's been coughing off and on all night but now she is crying. I try to just give her the binky but she isn't having it. I wish this girl would sleep through the night but I feed her, lay her down and fall back asleep myself all in about 20 min.

6:45 my alarm goes off. Waking up before 7am is not my cup of tea so I decide it's a hair in a ponytail kind of day and reset my alarm.

7:10am Alarm goes off again. Collins is still sleeping so I shower and quickly get ready before my daycare kids start arriving around 7:30am. I turn on cartoons for the kids and catch up on instagram and facebook.

7:45am I hear Collins talking through the monitor followed by her banging her binky on her crib. I get it girl, your up. I change her diaper and nurse her before bringing her in the kitchen to help me make breakfast.

8:15 Cereal, banana and milk for the daycare kids. After everyone is cleaned up we head downstairs to play. Collins absolutely loves the daycare kids. She sits on the floor and plays with toys and watches them run around her. Derek comes down and tells us bye before leaving for work.

9:30am Collins is ready for her morning nap. Put her in her sleep sack and hardly get it zipped up before she is rolling over to go to sleep. Quick diaper changes for the boys and then we head outside. I take the video monitor with me so I can keep an eye on Collins.

10:30 Back inside. Boys fight play downstairs and I unload the dishwasher. I remember I haven't ate yet so I grab a peach and some water before heading downstairs.

10:55am Collins wakes up, gets a diaper change and nurses. She's too distracted by the boys so she doesn't eat much. We all play on the floor till I head upstairs to make lunch.

11:25 The boys have hot dogs, apple, peas and carrots and Collins plays in her exersaucer. She doesn't want to be in it so I put a piece of apple in her mesh feeder and she gnaws on that. I eat a leftover brat and cucumbers and onion and have my daily diet coke. I don't drink coffee so I look forward to this pop all morning.

11:45am Boys are done eating and Collins is going to town on a second slice of apple so I decide to do a craft with the boys while she is occupied. We make fireworks courtesy of pinterest.

12:15pm Diaper changes for the boys and then we pick up toys and they get to watch a show before nap. I use this quite time to nurse Collins.

12:45pm boys down for nap so Collins plays on floor in her room while I clean up lunch and let the dogs outside.  I lay on the floor with Collins and she climbs all over me and practices crawling. Derek comes home for a little bit and plays with Collins before going back to work.

1:30pm Collins is ready for her afternoon nap so I change her diaper, put her in her sleep sack and into her crib she goes. I use this time to clean  up lunch if I haven't already and then watch TV, get on the internet and enjoy the peace and quite.

3:15pm The boys start waking up and Collins wakes up soon after. I change her diaper and put her in the exersaucer while I get the boys a snack. After snack we head downstairs for diaper changes and I nurse Collins. Derek gets home around 4pm and takes Collins while he finishes up some work things. I rotate between playing with the boys downstairs and starting dinner. The boys get picked up around 5:15pm.

6:00pm Derek and I eat dinner while Collins sits in her highchair and has some vegetable beef and a sippy of water. When she starts getting fussy, we take turns rolling her highchair back and forth and giving her sweet potato puffs.

6:30pm We head out on our nightly walk. Collins will sometimes take a short nap but she stays awake tonight. Normally we don't take the dogs because they get stinky and aren't the best walkers but we took them and I think they were a distraction to Collins.

7:15pm I have my early daycare kids tomorrow (arrive at 7am) so I shower so I don't have to in the morning and Derek gives Collins a bath and reads her a book. Sometimes we do a bottle for her last feeding but I don't feel like pumping so I nurse her and put her to bed. She's been fighting bedtime lately so after about 5 min. Derek goes in and rubs her back and she falls asleep. By this time it's about 8pm so Derek and I watch TV before I head to bed around 9pm and catch up on blogs. He comes to bed around 9:30pm and we are both asleep by 10pm.

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