Monday, April 1, 2013

Eating and Working out

Let's start with the more important thing first. Collins had cereal for the first time Saturday night!! Don't tell her but we stole a bowl, spoon and cereal from her the Easter bunny before he put them in her basket. I just couldn't wait until Sunday to have her try it. She has been so interested in food and is always grabbing at our food and cup. After talking with her pediatrician at her well baby, we decided the chunky monkey could start eating. And just as I thought, she loved it (although the pictures don't look like it).

And since it's Monday and I am supposed to update you all on my working out...uummm I'm not doing so hot at it. I have been great at going every Monday for butts and guts but other then that, I've only been going 1 maybe 2 other times during the week. Since I do a class on Monday's, I try to do cardio the 2 other days. I hate running so much that I'm having a hard time dragging myself to the gym. I love my class but running? It's just not my thing. I did complete another day of my c25k on Saturday but that was the only day last week. So there you go, I am not doing so good at the working out and I am eating entirely too many peanut butter m&ms.  Why can't I eat as much as Collins' and look as cute as she does in all her rolls? 1 of us will be looking cute in a swim suit this summer and it ain't gonna be me.

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