Tuesday, April 9, 2013

365: Days 77-98

*Note to self, don't get 3 weeks behind*
 March 18- Adorable

March 19: " aaahhhhh"
March 20- Morning floor time
March 21- Best friends

March 22- Watching k-state basketball with aunt Amy

March 23- Hanging out with cousins

March 24- Multiple uses of the boppy pillow

March 25- Exhausted girl at lunch

March 26- Lots of polka dots
March 27- Waiting for the doctor at 4 month check up
  March 28- She loves us and we love her

March 29- Meeting the Easter bunny for the 1st time
March 30- Love sucking on my lips
March 31- Out of my Easter dress and soaking up the sun
April 1- Loves making this go around and around
April 2- Ruffle butt
April 3- Watching the toys
April 4- I got this mom
April 5- Getting mad. Double chin just like momma
 April 6- Girls day at River Market
April 7- Ready to run errands with mom and dad
April 8- Happy birthday nana Jana!

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