Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 Month Favorites

I wanted to do this every month but she didn't really have any favorites till now. As long as she was swaddled and had my boobs, she was good. Now we are getting to the fun stage where she actually plays with toys. So here are some of our favorite things..

Bright Stars Gym- This has been a favorite toy since she was a couple weeks old. I blamed this toy for her not rolling over because she would just lay and stare at the light up toy. Now she really grabs the toys, puts them in her mouth and rolls all around this thing. That light up toy is a life saver in the car too. Especially when it's dark out.
Baby Einstein Jumperoo- We have to place a pillow under her because she can't touch the ground but she still loves playing with the toys. I have a feeling she is going to love it even more when she can jump in it.
Britax B-Agile stroller- She loves sitting like a big girl in her stroller. She likes being able to look around and she usually falls asleep in it.
Taggies mirror- Girlfriend loves looking at herself in mirrors. Not only can she stare at herself in this but she likes grabbing at the toys on it. What really excites her is if she can see mommy or daddy in the mirror as well.
Teether ring- I think we have entered the dreaded teething stage. She likes this toy because she can easily hang on to it and the beads feel good on her gums.
Sophie the giraffe- Another toy that feels good on her gums. She knaws the crap out of the giraffe's legs and ears. The dogs are still dying to get ahold of this toy but I think their slowly learning that it's not for them. Although it highly resembles a dog toy. No idea why they had to make a baby toy sound like a dog toy.

 Check back next month for more favorites!!

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