Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Months

Time, please slow down! My baby is doing big girl things and it's making me very sad. Rolling  both ways, starting to sit up on her own, eating solids. She'll be moving out before we know it.
She loves playing in her jumperoo and exersaucer. She can't quite touch the floor when she's in the jumperoo so we put the boppy pillow under her so she can put her feet on that. She is going to love that thing when she learns how to jump in it. She wants to sit up ssooo bad. You lay her down and she lifts her head like she wants up. She can sit a really long time with the help of her boppy and can sit for about 15 sec. all on her own. She's like her mama and is very ticklish. I just love tickling her and listening to her laugh. She went to the zoo for the first time and although she slept through most of it, she was content and happy in her stroller when she was awake.
She loves touching the dogs and letting them lick her (gross, I know), looking at herself in the mirror, sitting like a big girl in her stroller, being outside, giving open mouth kisses, touching people's faces, pulling hair and chewing on things.
We started sleep training her at the end of March and she is doing great. If we can get her to skip her evening nap, she'll normally sleep through the night. But when she sleeps through the night, she is up for the day about 6:30am (as opposed to 7-8 when she wakes once) and then it's hard to not do that 3rd nap. She usually has a bottle for her last feeding and she'll drink 4-5oz around 7:30pm and then goes to bed. Our biggest issue right now is her waking 3+ times a night for her binky. I've tried putting them all around her but she doesn't even try looking for one when she wakes up. She just cries and rubs her eyes. It's a shame taping them to their face is frowned upon. Luckily she falls right back to sleep after we give it to her. I'd rather not have to walk to her room every hour though. Hopefully soon she'll learn to keep the thing in her mouth or she'll realize it's right beside her and put it back in her mouth herself. Which she can do during the day.
We started rice cereal right before she turned 4 months and she liked it for a couple days and then was over it. I got the ok from our doctor at her 4 month appt to start solids so she's been eating squash for the past week. We've done it once a day, almost every day. She'll eat about half a container of it before she starts gagging because she's full. I'm on a mission this weekend for a food processor so I can start making her baby food. Can't wait to try more fruits and veggies!
She is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes but has a couple 0-3 month things she can fit into. Mostly dresses that she wears as shirts now. No 5 month visit so her weight and height are guesses. I tried weighing myself without her and then holding her but our scale isn't very accurate so her weight might be totally wrong.
She is starting to be unsure of strangers. As long as she can see Derek or I she will smile at anybody and everybody but if she can't see us, she has started to get upset. Twice now someone else has been holding her and she is puckered her bottom lip and started crying when she couldn't see mommy or daddy. As soon as she sees us she is fine and doesn't care if someone else is holding her. I assumed this was going to happen since she is home with me everyday, all day. She can start going to the gym daycare at 6 months so I think that will be good for her to get used to other people. I love that she's a mommy's girl but I want her to be ok with other people too.
 We still have a week left but I think we might have made it a whole month without going to the doctor. Between well visits and the whole dairy allergy thing, we have been at least once a month since she's been born. I'm pretty certain she has allergies but I don't think they'll treat her for it so I haven't called or taken her in. Her eyes get red and watery and she gets a runny nose and dry cough. According to things I have googled, those are all allergy signs. And since me and Derek both have allergies, it wouldn't surprise me. I can't pinpoint what she's allergic to. She doesn't have these symptoms everyday so I don't think it's the dogs. I hope not cause I don't want to choose between Collins and the dogs. Kidding!!
We are so in love with this little girl. Her smile is contagious and her cheeks are scrumptious. I may be a little biased but I think she's the best baby in the world. Now if I could just figure out how to freeze time and keep her just like this forever, we'd be set. Happy 5 months Collins Cate!


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