Friday, May 3, 2013

A few firsts

Well I'm slacking on posting these things so I'm just going to throw them all into one post.
First time rolling over (stomach to back). I just so happened so have my phone ready and could get pics. I don't have pictures of the first time she did back to stomach. I actually didn't even witness it. I run upstairs for 10 sec. and she did it for Derek. Go figure.
First time sitting up
First food (besides cereal)-squash
2nd food- sweet potatoes. And yes, I might just post a picture of every new food she tries. It's my blog and I'll do what I want.
3rd food-pears. I started making her food and it was pretty fun! I didn't do the squash but I plan on making everything from now on. She has loved everything so far!
First trip to the zoo. We went to the Wichita zoo with Derek's mom, sister and 2 of our nieces. Collins slept through most of it but it was perfect weather and we all had a good time.
Many more firsts to come!

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