Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

First of all, I didn't mean to complain so much yesterday about my glucose test. Collins is 100% worth all this testing, dieting, etc. I'm mad at myself for not being more careful on my sugar intake and I don't want mine or Collins health to be in jeopardy. I have been without candy, cake, syrup, peaches, etc since Tuesday. I might have had to go buy some sugar free candy last night to satisfy my craving (don't worry, the fake sugar is ok in moderation) but Collins health is most important to me so if I have to limit my sugar intake, I will. I want her healthy and not 10+lbs at birth :)

My awesome brother is lending me his ipad for my 3 hour testing tomorrow so hopefully I can keep my mind of puking/passing out. Derek really wants to come with me in case something happens but I would rather him save his time off. There will be plenty of nurses around in case something were to happen and I am going to need him more after Collins is born. I am going to drink way more cold water tomorrow then I did at yesterday's testing and maybe bring a portable fan too. I can totally sympathize with menopausal women and their hot flashes now.

I just texted Ian and Gage's mom to see how their first day went and she said she can tell their both a little stressed out. Ian was unhappy last night and cried when they dropped him off this morning. Breaks my heart. I think I'll go see them next week and maybe that will help all 3 of us from being sad!

Speaking of being sad, my niece Harper had surgery this morning. It was a simple procedure but I have been thinking about her all day. She had tubes put in her ears (again) and her adenoids taken out. Surgery went great and she is healing at home. My sister said she is very tired and grumpy. Poor thing!!! 

My emotional self can't take all these sad things today!!! And when I say emotional, I am not lying. Hormones are kicking in and I could cry if someone looked at me wrong. Ask Derek.

I forgot to mention in my weekly post yesterday that we are signed up for birthing class! Our 4 week class goes from mid Oct till beginning of Nov. You think that's cutting it to close to my due date (Nov 23)? I just want things to be fresh in my mind when I go into labor.

Also forgot to mention that my baby shower in Derek's hometown has been set. Sept. 23 will be my Galva shower and my KC one will probably be the first weekend in Oct. We are already registered so we are good to go!

A huge happy birthday to my grandma (hi grandma)! I love you so much and hope you can get out of the hospital soon and enjoy some cake and cuddles with Maggie.

I think that's all my thoughts for now. I am ready for this week to be over with!

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  1. Aw! Thanks Sarah. Don't worry about Miss Harper, she is already back to her old self and sang herself to sleep at naptime. Love you, good luck tomorrow!