Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Glucose-Screening Test-FAIL

*I also posted my weekly update today so scroll to the bottom of the page to read it*

Well this morning was my dreaded glucose-screening test. This test tells whether you have gestational diabetes or not. It's very common in pregnant women but usually women who are obese, over the age of 35, have high blood pressure or a family history of diabetes. Thought I was in the clear since I don't meet any of those requirements.

 I was given the sugary drink at my last appt and was told to drink it within 5 minutes, an hour before my test. So at 8am this morning, I gulped that thing down. It's about 6oz of a very sugary drink. I drank as much of it as I could without stopping and tasting it, just in case it was awful. It tasted just like fruit punch so it wasn't bad. It was just a lot to drink in 5 min. That last 2 oz were rough to get down.

I'd like to add that I couldn't eat anything after midnight and could only have water until after my blood was drawn. Couldn't even have a piece or gum or a mint. I got to my appt about 8:50 because I needed to have my blood drawn at 9:03 (an hour after I finished the drink). The lady was super nice, didn't even feel the needle go in, shots don't bother me so I watched her fill the 2 tubes with blood, put the band aid on me and sent me out to the waiting room (I had my monthly appt following the test). My friend and doctor recommended bringing a snack to eat after the test but I wasn't starving and thought I could wait till after my appt. About 10-15 min after my test, I started feeling like I could throw up. The feeling went away so I thought I was good. 5 min later I got SO hot, dizzy and thought I was going to puke. I didn't want to pass out in the waiting room so went back to where the nurses and doctors are. I heard the nurse say my name like she was about to go out and call me back so I said I was right here and was super dizzy and felt like throwing up. The nurse quickly sat me down and rushed to get ice in my water. I chugged my water and almost immediately felt better. I had been drinking my water but I guess it wasn't cold enough. I have never seen my skin as white as it was. She said I was probably feeling like this due to the test which I had unfortunately failed. She was surprised I had this reaction because most people who felt like this, passed the test. So here I was, feeling like crap and then had to hear that I failed the test. She said I barely failed and my number was 151 and they like it to be under 135 (which seems like a big difference to me but she said it wasn't). My usual doctor was gone today so I had a doctor I had never seen before, go figure. She didn't tell me much about gestational diabetes just that I needed to make an appt to do the 3 hour testing within the week and that she wouldn't be surprised if I passed the next one. I won't be diagnosed with gestational diabetes until after the result of the 3 hour test.

So Friday at 9am, I get to do this whole test again but this time, I get to have my blood drawn 3 extra times. I will have it drawn when I get there, then I will have to drink the drink at the office and have my blood checked every hour for 3 hours after that. I am dreading this sssooo much. If I almost passed out after 1 blood draw today, how am I going to handle it 3 more times?! They said I can't leave between each one and get fresh air either, I have to stay in the room where someone can make sure I am doing ok. Good thing cause I am pretty sure I am either going to puke or pass out. Wish me luck!! And yes, I will be limiting my sugar intake until after Friday's results.


  1. Aw! This made me cry! Poor thing, I don't like thinking of my sister not feeling well and almost passing out!!

    Hopefully the next one will go better and be negative!

  2. Sarah!! Sad!!! So glad you were okay....wish derek would have been with you :( I agree with amy, I hated thinking of you there alone and not feeling well :(

    I hope friday goes better...I'm sure you'll pass!
    Love you!