Sunday, August 12, 2012


Since all I have been posting about has been about Collins (you all might as well just get used to that though), I figured I would do a post on some random stuff going on:

Tuesday is my last day watching the twins. I have watched them since they were 8 weeks (now their 2.5) so it's going to be pretty bittersweet. Think I might get a cake and throw a little party Tuesday after nap.

We have been having issues with Elsie taking things out of Collins room when we are gone. We are beginning to think she is going to have a harder time with the new baby then we originally thought. She has pulled out bows, blankets and a cloth diaper and tried "playing" with them. She has been extremely cuddly with me too (more then usual). Zoe had to go to the vet last week for shots and the vet said dogs know when their owner is pregnant and some can start acting out. So we are going to make sure we give her extra attention and include her in as much as we can when the baby comes. Who knew we would have this problem with our DOGS!

Speaking of dogs, when I took Zoe to the vet last week, they felt her bladder and thought she had stones again. I about passed out. Luckily they did xrays and she just needed to go to the bathroom. Darn dog is going to make us broke if she keeps getting these darn stones!

We've been staying busy these past 2 weekends. 2 weekends ago we went back to Galva and got to see Derek's family. It's always good to go back and see all Derek's family and of course, our nephew and nieces! We got to watch miss Paizley while her parents and siblings went to a reception. She is such a cutie and we had fun practicing our baby skills :) Last weekend Derek had some friends from Wichita stay with us and they all decked it Saturday night and then went to the Royals game Sunday. My sister and the kids were here so I spent most of the weekend with them.

I'm currently anticipating the Spice Girls performance at the Olympics closing ceremony. We had lunch with my grandparents today and I asked them to record it on VHS like the good ole days. I used to be OBSESSED with the Spice Girls and always had my grandparents record them when they came on tv. Our VCR wasn't cool enough to record so they always got to watch it and record it for me. I seriously have like 5 VHS' of recorded Spice Girls stuff. Don't judge.

I have my gestational diabetes test on Wednesday. Please pray I don't have it. As much as I have been eating sugar though, I probably do. I'll update you with results Wednesday in my weekly pregnancy post.

We can't wait for K-State football season. Well, football season in general for Derek but I only watch my cats.  I ordered a cute k-state maternity dress to wear to the game we are going to in Sept.

Please say a prayer for my grandma Long. She is in the hospital unable to keep food or water down. She is doing better but their still running tests to see what's going on.

Other then that, we have been staying busy getting the nursery ready and buying stuff for our baby girl. We have a few trips planned these next couple weeks and then I have a baby shower end of Sept. and beginning of Oct. Before we know it, it's going to be November and Collins will be here!!!


  1. Roxy is a shihtzu and she had a little trouble adjusting with aspen. We wrapped aspen in a blanket after she was born and my mom took it home and gave it to rox to smell her. I think it helped!

  2. Thanks for your advice! I think we will try that