Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nursery Remodel: Part 1

A few weeks ago, Collins room was used as our guest room. We have 3 guest rooms but 1 is a toy room in the basement, 1 was our guest room/naping room for 1 of the babies and 1 was empty except for nap mats for toddlers. Our master bedroom is up about 5 steps from the main floor so I knew when I got pregnant, the room at the bottom of our stairs, would be the nursery. After we found out we were having a girl, we moved the guest bed into the empty and started working on the nursery. I was a little antsy and we got furniture before we did any work to the room.

No worries, we are painting this. My dad found it outside someones dumpster so it was FREE!

I was undecided about the chair rail but after setting up the crib, I decided I didn't like it. Some people like them but I wasn't a fan. It really bothered me that it was cream and her furniture is white. So my dad came to the rescue and knocked it down in about 5 min.
Before remodeling started. Guest bed out but still use it as a nap room for 1 of the kids

Papa Long taking down the chair rail

We probably would have put a big hole in the wall had Papa Long not done it

A couple days after my dad took the chair rail down, the painters came to paint the the 2 toned wall. I'll leave the pictures of the paint color out until I do the final reveal :)

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