Monday, August 27, 2012

August Weekends

2 weekends ago we headed to Hanover, KS for my friend/roommate/co workers wedding. Amanda and I worked at Willies together and became really good friends. We lived together with 2 other girls my senior year of college. She is one of the sweetest, most hard working girls I know and she did a fantastic job on her wedding. I majorly sucked at taking pictures so I had to steal a couple from other people.
Note to self: never be this close to the camera

 My bestie and her fiance will be getting married in Nov. 6 days before Collins is due to be exact. I will be HUGE

My sis and her adorable family

Hanover tradition?

This last weekend Derek went to my brother's bachelor party in Flippin, Arkansas. My brother has been trout fishing there a few times so he wanted to get a group of his friends together and go do that for the weekend. I obviously don't have any pictures of that but Derek said he had a great time and wants to go again.

Since Derek was gone, I slumbered at Amber's all weekend. I have attempted to stay by myself in our house before and I got NO sleep. I scare the crap out of myself so I figured I would rather get some sleep then sleep with 1 eye open all night. Me and the pups spent Friday and Saturday at Amber's. Friday night Amber, Aiden, mom and me ate at Pizza Hut and then did some shopping for our brother's fiances shower and bachelorette party we had Saturday. We were all stuffed at exhausted after this so we headed to bed pretty early that night. Sweet Aiden slept with his mommy and gave me and the dogs his bed.

Saturday we were up early since Amber had to work and me and mom were heading to Tara's shower. Her friends were super sweet and put on a great shower for her. I wish I would have taken a pic with her!

After the shower and Amber was off work, we ventured down to the plaza to shop. We always want to venture out of our comfort zone and try some new stores so we bucked up and drove the 20 min to the plaza. We hadn't been to H&M and the Forever 21 is so much better there. Well we should have stuck to Old Navy and places we always go to because we had no luck at either place. Collins' might have scored some purple shoes at H&M though. It was nice to get out for the day and we stopped at a bar so mom and Amber could have some drinks and preggers could eat :) I was in tears laughing so hard at my mom and Amber telling me birth stories. A c-section is sounding better and better.

That night we headed to Tony and Tara's for her bachelorette party. The girls had went to a winery that day so everyone was pretty exhausted. We still had great laughs and a wonderful evening with Tara and her friends. Kicking myself for not getting a picture of Tara, Amber, mom and me.  We can't wait for her to officially be part of the family come October. Very sad we will miss their Bahamas wedding but I do not need to go into labor in the Bahamas.

Her mom and Tony are ready for babies.

My brother is a closet comic book collector so one of the girls was brilliant with this gift

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