Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Someone’s about to be old :)

Friday we will be traveling to Manhattan for the K-State game and to celebrate Derek's 30th! He's birthday is Friday so we are hoping to get into town early enough (early being 8pm) that we can go to a nice dinner and then head to bed at a decent time so we can wake up bright and early for the big game/tailgate/birthday party.
Our friend lives less then a block from the stadium so we'll be having the tailgate/birthday party there. We have a bunch of friends and family coming and we can't wait to celebrate the big game and the old man’s birthday. The bonus- my sisters are coming without kids!! I love my niece and nephews but it's been ssoo long that all of us could have fun all day and night and not have to worry about going home to a babysitter or being woken up at the crack of dawn!
So yes, we are all very excited for this weekend. Fried chicken has been ordered, balloons have been ordered, decorations have been bought and now I just need to get the rest of the food. Bring on the cats and Derek's birthday! Love you babe!
We usually show up to a tailgate looking like this...

But this weekend it will just be this...

…and our spouses, family and friends of course!


  1. sounds like such a good weekend, have fun!

  2. can't freakin wait!! What do I need to bring? Dessert?