Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Big 3-0

I would say this past weekend was a huge success. We got to Manhattan late Friday so we just got some food ready for Saturdays big shen-dig, hung out with dad and headed to bed early.  We woke up bright and early and started getting everything ready for the tailgate/birthday party. After a stop to get the balloons, alcohol and food, we made our way to our friends house were we had the tailgate. We, along with everyone else showed up about 10:30. We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who showed up to help celebrate Derek's birthday. I know he had a great time (and you will know after you see the pic below). 

Almost everyone went into the game except me, my sister and a couple of our friends. We enjoyed listening to the game from the radio but we sure missed a good game! After the game, everyone came back to the tailgate were we continued to drink and play some flippy cup. What’s a tailgate without flippy cup?!

After we had enough at the tailgate, we went to Willies (duh) where we continued to drink way too much and dance our little booties off. We had full intentions of going to Aggieville but The Pub sucked us in and once we found the junk box and pool table, there was no leaving.

We were all hurting a little bit Sunday but the birthday boy, my brother and his girlfriend got up and headed to KC for the Chiefs game. My sisters and me on the other hand, took our time getting around and just hung out at my dads tell mid afternoon before heading home. The Chiefs pulled off a win too so I think Derek had a very good birthday weekend. He has no voice today but I think he would do it all again!

Here are the pics from the weekend. I apologize now for the drunkfest

Some of the tailgate decorations and food. Forgot to take pics after it was all set up


Photo shoot time



(The whole family minus the kids)


The drunk birthday boy doing K-S-U



Let the dance party begin

039 - Copy



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