Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I will always remember 9/11/01. I was a sophomore in high school sitting in English class when I heard a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I had no idea what or where the World Trade Center was but by everyone's reaction, I knew it had to be in the US. Then we heard a second plane had crashed into the other tower and that there was no way 2 planes just accidentally crashed into the 2 towers. There was something going on.


English class ended and I remember walking down the hall and everyone was talking about what had happened. When I got into History class, I heard the Pentagon had been hit. Again, I was clueless as to what the Pentagon was but our History teacher informed us that the WTC and Pentagon were in NYC and we were under a terrorist attack. Terrorist attack? Us?! I was in complete shock. TV’s were quickly turned on all around school and classes were put on hold for the day as we all huddled in classrooms and watched what was going on. My mouth dropped as I watched re runs of the 2nd plane crashing into the 2nd building. I remember thinking how scared those people must have been on the plane and how scared so many families were of their loved ones being on those planes or in the the buildings. It was horrific to watch the 2 towers fall and people running down smoke filled streets. Our lives were changed in an instance.


I am reminded of this day not just today, but everyday. I  can’t say it any better then my sister said it…

“Today, remember that day, as hard as it may be. It is a true testament to the greatness of our country. To the brave who sacrificed their lives, to the families still dealing with the pain, to the ones we owe our freedom to.

10 years ago they tried to break us…………. Today we can stand up and tell them they never can.”


God Bless America

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