Friday, September 9, 2011


We put our apartment/townhome on craigslist a month ago in hopes of finding a subleaser. Our lease is up in November but we wanted to try and get out now so we could save more money for a down payment. My mom lives in a huge house not very far away so we figured we could live with her for a couple months (thanks mom!).

Fast forward to this Wednesday and we found out a couple was interested in our place and were coming in that day to fill out an application! They need to be out of their house by the 20th so they wanted to move in by Sept. 17. Kind of short notice but we agreed and will be moving out of our place this weekend! We started packing last night and hope to finish it tonight before Derek’s parents come in the morning to help us pack everything into the moving truck. Now we can fully focus on buying a house! Woo hoo!!!


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