Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tonight we handed over the keys and said goodbye to our first place in KC. It was a little sad pulling away just because we have so many memories there…
  • Sleeping on blankets the first night because we were too anxious to move in but the moving truck wasn’t coming till the next morning
  • Getting out second dog, Elsie Gurl
  • Having numerous sleepovers with all our nieces and nephews
  • Pool parties
  • Chasing the dogs who felt like they to greet all our neighbors
  • Decorating our first Christmas tree
  • Spending hours upon hours planning the wedding
  • First place we lived in after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Lorson
Goodbye #306
Now I don’t want to jinx myself or anything but it looks like well being having new place to call home in mid November Smile Stay tuned for more updates but I am getting sssooo excited for our first house! Time to start buying Christmas lights for the house. Sshhh don’t tell Derek!

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