Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phone pics

I apologize that some of these are a month old but I never remember to take pictures or upload them to my blog!

First up: Ian and Gage


Starting at top left-Helping me grocery shop, Ian’s long hair, he makes such a cute girl, play date with our friend Ryann (and her mom Ashley), nakey Ian, fighting over the broom, Gage coloring with chalk, Ian coloring with chalk.

Random pics:


From top left: Aiden meeting Elmo at Midwest Kidsfest (MK), Aiden with Buzz at MK, Aiden eating donuts with me, Derek enjoying the top off the jeep, Aiden in the middle of the dance floor, Aiden feeding a cow at MK, got our wedding canvas and can’t wait to hang them both, new k-state shirt and hair cut (today!), Aiden and Elsie (BFF’s), 111 degrees (yuck), Elsie with her toy, me and my favorite little people (my nephews and niece).

Can’t wait to go to Manhattan this weekend and cheer on the cats. LET’S GO WILDCATS!!

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