Monday, September 12, 2011

Week and a half in pics

Saturday 9/3


1. Derek getting the stuffed jalapenos ready for the tailgate 2. K-State game (which was terrible)

Sunday 9/4


Elsie using one of the carseats as a bed on our way home from Manhattan

Tuesday 9/6


1. Ian and Gage swinging. Gage hates it 2. Both loving the slide

Wednesday 9/7


1. Gage “napping” at Little Monkey Bizness  2.The boys getting their friend Ryann  3. Going in every direction  4. Gage was giving the stink eye  5. Gage in the playhouse  6. Ian in his favorite spot, the bounce house with a basketball hoop

Thursday 9/8


1 and 2. The boys and their dog watching the guy mow  2. Had to drive with my trunk open cause boxes wouldn’t fit and twins were in my back seat. 4. Where’s Ian?? 5. There he is!  6. Cut my thumb shredding lettuce. Probably should have got a stitch cause it’s still gross

Friday 9/9


1. Playing trains. I gave up making them a track cause they just wreck it.  2. Ian playing the piano for us

Saturday 9/10


1. License plate my brother was sssooo excited for (he has season tickets with Derek and Derek’s dad)  2. Aiden coloring while me and mom watched the Chiefs game

Monday 9/12


Photo shoot at the park

*I apologize for pics being every which way. I gotta figure out a better way to do these!

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