Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bachelorette in Boots

This past Saturday, I picked up my sister and we headed to Manhattan for my bachelorette party! We got into town around 2 and after a quick stop at Hyvee, Hobby Lobby, and a place to look at cloth napkins for the wedding, we headed out to my sisters to start decorating and getting ready. Amber had emailed me earlier in the week saying she would do my hair and make up for the night (I love when she does my hair and make up because she's really good). So I am downstairs washing my face so she can redo my makeup and I go upstairs to my dads bathroom for her to do it all and a girl we know was in there waiting to do my hair and makeup. I was SO surprised. I even cried! My sisters are so awesome for doing that for me and Mary did an awesome job!

Once we were all done getting ready, we met the rest of the group at La Fiesta (my favorite Mexican restaurant). We chowed down, had some drinks and then headed to my dads for drinks, dessert, and presents. I got so many cute nighties and Amber gave me my "something blue" because I have been begging her to tell me what it is and she knew she couldn't keep it a surprise till the wedding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Their stickers I put on the heels of my shoes that say I Do. I look awful in the picture but the stickers are so cute!

After we had some yummy sangria that Amy had made, we went to Willies for a waterfall shot and a drink. We couldn't go to Aggieville without stopping at Willies first!

We ended the night at Aggieville. Most of us hardly ever get the chance to go to Aggieville so let's just say we partied like we were in college :) Shots, dancing, boons farm and 1 of us (NOT me) might have gotten sick (I won't mention any names). My mom was nice enough to stay sober and drive us all home in Amy's swagger wagon were we proceeded to have a slumber party at my dads. I was the party pooper that went to bed at 3am, the rest of the group stayed up till 5am! What can I say, I like my sleep.

Thank you so so much for all of you who came to help me celebrate. I had so much fun and I am so lucky to have each and every one of you in my life. A special thanks to Amy and Amber for putting my adorable party together. I keep telling them they need to go into business because they do such an awesome job. And Amber, thanks for cleaning up on Sunday. Some of us were to hungover to get off the couch...

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  1. Love the theme! You all looked SO gorgeous too!