Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bumps in the road

Oh what a lovely wedding week it has been (insert sarcasm). It started Monday when the DJ called and said "your wedding is in exactly 45 days..." I threw up in my mouth when I heard those words. How could we possibly only be 45 days away?! I swear we still had like 5 months :) I am an all time procrastinator and I thought I would change when it came to my wedding but nope, here I am 42 days away from my wedding and I still have sssoooo much to do. I blame nobody but myself but it sure has made for one stressed, grumpy, losing sleep, Sarah.

Monday night I came home to our centerpieces in the mail! We are using Manzanita branches for some of the centerpieces and I thought they would be bigger and fuller. I talked to the company and they gave me a pretty good deal on more branches. Now we just gotta figure out how to mount them to a base and bling them up!

Then came Tuesday, the worst day thus far in terms of wedding planning. My bridesmaids almost all got their dresses on Tuesday and 50% of them are messed up. Either too small (come to find out the dress runs small), the bottom of the dress was crooked, there was fringe hanging from the bottom of the dress, etc. I wasn't sure I wanted to blog about this but I started this blog so I could have memories of what went into planning the wedding so I couldn't leave this out. I should have known this was going to happen when I ordered the dresses from another country! The dress at stores was over $200 and I didn't want my bridesmaids spending that much so I googled the dress and found the cheapest place (still $150). So after emailing the company (remember I said they were in a different country so calling them is not an option since I am sleeping when they are at work), they have said they will do whatever needs to be done to fix the problem. So, we'll be ordering 3 whole new dresses and they will be giving us some money back for the other 3 that will need to be altered at the bottom. I might have had to go all bridezilla on them but at least they are fixing the issue. There is no way we could have gotten new dresses from a different place with this short of time!

We also decided this week to scratch the cake lady we had planned on using. She was going to charge $900 for our wedding cake and Derek and I decided there was no way we were willing to spend $900 on a cake! So a family friend of Derek's family does cakes and thankfully said she could make our exact same cake for way cheaper.

We have also been having issues with our reception venue. Menus keep changing, prices keep going up, and the wedding coordinator is all but helpful. We finally had to contact someone else there and finally today we have gotten what we want, for the price we want. Huge sigh of relief.

Derek went and got his passport and I am going Saturday to get mine. I'm going to be taking shots on the plane after this wedding is all said and done. No planning, no thinking, no working, no Internet, no phone for 1 whole week. COME ON MAY 2!

I swear I really am excited for the wedding. I'm just regretting not having a wedding planner who could help me with everything. My family and Derek have helped a ton but it would have been easier to have a non family member that I could just say "take care of this" to. But we're in the home stretch now and although I'm sure there will be a lot more bumps in the road, I know we can get through it and all that matters is that Derek, myself and the pastor show up at 4:00 on April 30th.


  1. awww :( your right sarah all that matters is you, derek and that priest!!

    everything will be fine and we knew it couldn't all just fall into place and that it wouldn't be smooth sailing. We'll just get it all worked out now so nothing can arise one the most important day, april 30th!

    love you baby sis and im so proud of you and everything you have put into planning this wedding!!

  2. Sarah! This made me cry. I am sorry you had a stressful week, Everything will work out in the end, I promise. I love you and will help you out any way I can!!!