Friday, April 1, 2011

It's that time again-wedding update!

Here we are, less then 1 month away from the big day!!! My butt has been in full wedding gear this past week. Where shall I begin...

    • Paid balance for our oh so talented photogrpaher: Bethany Meysenberg. Can't wait to see our engagement canvas she said is in and our guest sign in book/engagement pic book. I have a few fun props for the wedding day (1 includes the cool "something blue" Amber gave me) so I think we should be set for pictures

    • Sent in songs we want DJ to play and also paid off that balance. Everyone better bring their dancing shoes because my brother (former DJ of the year) will be sure to have the DJ play all the right tunes. Plus, it's the company my brother used to work for so the have promised me their best DJ!

    • Ceremony music has been selected. You should have seen me crying when I was listening to different music for the ceremony. I don't know what it is but wedding music always makes me cry...I'm gonna be a crying mess on my wedding day

    • Ordered our wedding bands. Actually picking mine up today! Derek's won't be in for another 6-8 days

    • Almost done with programs. Sent the draft to the pastor and Amy so they can both look over it. Pastor to make sure I have the ceremony in the right order and Amy because she has done this before so she knows how everything should be worded. Plus, i'm sure there's 1000 typos

    • Got 12/15 vases I need for centerpieces. I have been to 3 targets and cleared their shelves of these vases. These vases are just for half of the tables. Derek and I already robbed Hobby Lobby of 42 vases for the other half. No typ there...42 vases is correct (3 on each table)

    • Wedding dress should be complete! I was supposed to go for final dress fitting this week but Amber was busy and I need her to go with me so she can learn how to bustle my dress. Hopefully reschedule for next week

    • Honeymoon is paid and passports are being processed

    • Bridesmaids dresses are being fixed and 3 new ones should be here next week

    • Tuxes are all ordered

    • Meeting new cake lady this Saturday

    • Buffet food has been selected

    • Got marriage license

    I think that's all the stuff I have been up to lately. Still have a few things to purchase and make but everythings slowly coming together and I am getting very excited! My first wedding shower is this weekend back in Derek's home town. I'll try to remember and take pics and upload them next week. Have a great weekend!

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