Thursday, March 10, 2011

ABC's of me

I saw this on someone else's blog and decided to play along.

A....AGE; 24 but will be 25 in May (not going to lie, I had to stop and do the math to figure out how old I am)

B....Bed Size; Queen but I have been begging Derek to let us get a king. Both of our dogs sleep with us so a queen feels so small

C....Chore you dislike; um all of them! I wish I had the money to hire a house cleaner. But since I have to pick just one, toilets. I mean who really LIKES cleaning those? Gross!

D....Dogs; Two shih tzus who are freaking adorable and spoiled rotten

E....Essential start to your day; Well...first I pee. Doesn't everyone?? (right there with ya Abby)and then during the week I brush my teeth and shower but on the weekends I brush my teeth and go sit my butt on the couch

F....Favorite Color; I like to decorate with red but I like to wear black and gray (i'm boring like that)

G....Gold or Silver; Definitely silver

H....Height; Roughly 5'2'' give or take a few inches

I....Instrument you play; Never have, never will. I make fun of Derek because he used to play the drums. Geek :)

J....Job title; Nanny. Last day is April 15th and then who knows what. I have an interview next week for an assistant banquet coordinator at a golf course that I am super excited for!

K....Kids; Just our 2 dogs for now. We are hoping to add to our family later this year!

L....Live; Overland Park, KS. Never thought I would live in KC but I absolutely love it!

M....Mom's Name; Jana or my niece and nephews call her nana jana

N....Nick Names; Sarah Cynthia Stout (what my grandma and grandpa call me), 2 names I hate and refuse to say and I can't remember what else. I used to have a ton when I was little

O....Overnight Hospital Stays; Just once when I had an asthma attack. I think it was a couple nights but I wasn't very old and don't remember

P....Pet Peeves; Chewing loudly or with your mouth open

Q....Quote from a movie; "I like you, but your crazy" (Old School)

R....Righty or Lefty; Righty

S....Siblings; Tony is going to be 31, Amy is going to be 29 and Amber is 27. We are all 2 years apart. I usually have to think of how old one of them is to figure out how old I am.

T....Time you wake up; 7:15 if I get ready and 7:30 if I don't (I hang out with 1 year olds so half the time I come in pajamas)! I try my hardest but can't ever sleep past 7:30 on the weekends either

U....Underwear; 99% of the time I wear a thong

V....Vegetable you don't like; Broccoli and peas. I have just recently started liking green beans and asparagus.

W....What makes you run late; The dogs! I hate when I take them out and they decide they need to smell every inch of grass before they can pee. Or not being able to find something to wear but I rarely have this problem since I come to work in pajamas

X....X Rays you've had; I broke my left arm when I was in 1st grade. My brother did it (can you tell i'm the youngest and like to tattle)

Y....Yummy food you make; I usually leave the cooking up to Derek but i'm pretty good at macaroni and cheese and pigs in a blanket :)

Z...Zoo animal; Monkeys! Their so cute and funny


  1. You should most definitely get a king size bed. Probably one of the absolute best purchases we have ever made. Now Chris and I sleep horribly if we have to sleep in a queen!

  2. I bet! We've only had my queen for a year because we never had my dad bring it when we lived in Wichita, we just used dereks full. Now when I look at the full in the guest room, I can't believe we ever fit on it! I'm sure it will be the same when we get (hopefully) a king!