Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Next month is THE month!

I can hardly believe that next month we will be getting married!!! I never thought I would be engagaed for over a year but I am SO glad we waited because there is no way I would have had all this planning done. We went to Manhattan last weekend and my sister Amy, her husband Josh and the kids joined us for a weekend at my dads. I was happy they decided to come to town because I of course missed the kids but I was really excited for Amy to come to my florist appt with me. She knows way more about flowers then I do!
We got in about 8 Friday night, hung out and were in bed by 10. We were all up pretty early on Saturday so we all got around and ready and I dropped Derek off at the basketball game before Amy and I headed to my florist appt. Papa Long was so excited to have Paxton and Harper to himself! I had met with the florist once before and lets just say we changed everything but my bouquet. I am happy with the new flowers Amy helped me pick out and can't wait to see it all pulled together at the wedding.
By the time we finished there, it was time for me to pick Derek up at the basketball game and head to our appt with our pastor. This was the 1st time Derek had seen the church and I hadn't seen it in years. We both love it and can't wait to officially become Mr. and Mrs. Derek Lorson there! The pastor was very nice and the church is so beautiful. Has everything I ever wanted, center aisle and wood pews! Time to work on the details of the ceremony such as the readings, vows and music.
We finished up there and were starving so we headed to Willies and split a meal since my dad was making dinner in a couple hours. We both missed Willies food so we had to atleast have something! After Willies it was on to pick out tuxes. This process was way quicker then I thought it would be. I was nice and let Derek do most of the picking out but I definitely had my say as well. I thought he would be able to put it on for me to see but they didn't have everything in store so I am kind of happy it will be a surprise on the day of the wedding.
Picking out tuxes was the last of our wedding appts for Saturday so we headed out to my dads for dinner and family time. There's nothing better then just hanging out at dads and spending time with the family. Amy and I went through old pictures for the wedding video and were laughing so hard at some of the pics of us when we were little. Even Paxton and Harper would look at them and laugh. Dads girlfriend Kelley came to town on Saturday so we put Harper to bed and let Paxton have some alone time with them while Josh, Amy, Derek and I went back to Willies for some drinks. It was so sad to be at Willies and hardly know anybody there :(
Sunday we were up early again and Derek and I went to church. We figured we better attend at least one service before we get married at the church. It was a good service and the pastor was very happy to see us there. I was sad I missed my dads biscuits and gravy though. Derek and Josh had been wanting So Long so we met there after church. Amy and Josh went back to El Dorado from there and Derek and I went to dads to pack up and get the dogs before meeting with our cake lady before heading out of town. On our way to meet with the cake lady, we passed by our DJ place and noticed a limo bus outside of it. We called them yesterday and got a better deal then our original limo from Topeka!
Cake appt went well. I was finally able to come up with an idea for the cake so we worked on all the details, flavor, icing, etc. Click on the link to see the cake ladies awesome work.
Overall we had a very successful weekend with family and wedding plans. I am feeling much more ready for the big day after all these appts. Few more details and we should be about set!

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