Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This Saturday starts the beginning of K-State football!! I am so excited to go tailgate and hang out at Willies. I love K-State football but I could careless about going into the game and watching it. I just stare at everyone around me and never even watch the game so why waste the money to go in? Plus, I am taking Elsie up to the game. I feel bad leaving her for 4+ hours while we are at the game since her bladder is still small so she is just going to come along!

I am also excited because my brother, Amber, Aiden, Amy, Pax, and Harper are all coming too!Dad's house is going to be very full but he will be in Mexico so that frees up his room. I haven't seen Pax and Harper in a month so I can't wait squeeze the heck out of them. I already told Amy we'll be going to Varneys to get Harper her first K-State bow to wear to the game. This will be baby girls first game and I am sure she is going to looovveee it just like her brother! My family bleeds purple so she might get kicked out of the family if she doesn't like it :)

I think this was in 1995!

Hanging out with dad at Willies watching a game

Us kids at a game with mom

Future K-State player

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  1. Weird!! I was totally going to do a k-state post too! So don't think that I am copying you if I do it ok? The pic of all of us at the stadium with Mom is one of my faves! Can't wait for Saturday and I can't wait to actually WATCH the game. Go Cats!!