Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Christmas List

I follow this blog and she does a Top 2 Tuesday that I am going to start doing as well. Each Tuesday she gives out a topic and you are to name your top 2 things for that list.

This week: Christmas List
I told Derek I wasn't asking for anything this year since our wedding is in April and my dress will be coming in the end of Decemeber which means my dad will be paying the 2nd half of it. SSSOOO my list in unrealistic because A)Nobody spends this much on me/us and B) I'm not asking for anything!

1. Furniture

Derek and I already bought nice side tables and a coffee table and then I was a nice fiance and we got a new TV over furniture but now I am ready for some new couches! We have Derek's parents old furniture and it has held up nicely but I am ready for just a tan couch and love seat like this one above from Pottery Barn. I love tan cause you can spruce it up with pillows.

2. Bedroom set
I can't find a picture of what I want but we have my bed (actually my brothers old bed) from FOREVER ago. We are both also using very old dressers. My dresser is so old that 2 of my drawers are broken so all my clothes for those drawers are on top of my dresser. Embarassing!!

So there's my list! I am hoping we get money/giftcards for our wedding because as you can see, we need lots. I want to buy a house next year but half of our rooms will be empty cause we have no furniture!


  1. Furniture is always fun! I want a new bedroom set myself but haven't found anything I love yet... good luck with your search. Sometimes furniture shopping can be so hard!

  2. my list is pretty unrealistic too... but it's fun to think about anyway! ;) thanks for playing along :)