Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less then 8 months to go

I started this blog so I would remember all that went on with the planning of the wedding and I have really been slacking on this. Last month (well July 30th but who's keeping track)I did a post on things I had accomplished that month and what I hoped to complete by the following month so I am going to go from there...

Things I wanted to complete by August 30th

1. I think I know what I want but I have yet to actually go shop for them. This month...promise :) UNCHECK

2. Invitations-Yep, slacking on that too. I have googled invitations and I know what I want so I think that's good enough. No need to order them yet so I count this as a CHECK for the month
3.Videographer-aaahhh. Complete Music (who we have as our DJ) calls me like every other day but I hate talking on the phone so they get the reject button. oops! I'm just not sure I want to pay what they want to charge so I'm ignoring the issue for now. UNCHECK
4. Music for ceremony-Yeah I totally even forgot about this! UNCHECK
5. Bridesmaid dresses/flower girl dresses- Can you guess what this is? UNCHECK. A new bridal store opened in KC and my sister Amber and I keep meaning to go but it was a short, busy week. Maybe next week!

As you can see, I am 1/5. I am going to keep this list for this month. Next month i'm going to be 5/5, just wait! So much for sleeping tonight...

How cute is this ring bearer pillow?!

SO glad our reception venue includes food, drinks, and bartender otherwise I know I would be slacking on this stuff!

Hopefully going to take engagement pictures this month too!

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