Friday, September 24, 2010

A sense of relief!

After 8 months of looking at magazines, blogs, wedding websites, google images, etc. I have FINALLY decided on my centerpieces!!! Yipee Ya Hoo!!! You have no idea how much stress this took off me. As much as I would love to show everyone a picture, I am making you wait til the wedding :) I show a lot of wedding stuff on my blog so I want to keep a couple things a secret. I will say that they are very inexpensive but unique. I think I am going to do half the tables with these centerpieces and half with a floral arrangement.

Speaking of floral arrangements, I called our florist because she hadn't cashed my deposit so I was getting a little worried she hadn't got it (she lives in the middle of nowhere). She assured me she had recieved it and everything looked great. We will talk more when it gets a little closer to the big day.

My checklist is slowly being completed. I'm not exactly sure when I should order our invitations but I think I still have another 2 months. Someone please tell me if 5 months is to early or too late!

Derek's parents are awesome and I am pretty sure have the whole rehearsal dinner taken care of! I am SO glad that I don't have to worry about planning it. We are having the dinner at the train depot. I have never been inside but it's beautiful from the outside. Josh (my brother in law) and Derek begged me to let Brookville cater the rehearsal so I gave in and said that was fine. I am pretty sure Josh even said he would pay for something if I let them have Brookville. Man I wish I could remember what it was! Brookville is an old hotel turned into a restaurant with amazing home cooked meals. They are famous for their fried chicken.

I am sssooo ready for it to be April already. House hunting starts after the wedding :)


  1. WHAT! Had my husband been drinking when he said this? Probably :) I am pretty exited for Brookville too, yummo!! Are you doing the centerpieces you e-mailed me? I will definately help with those, they look fun and they are going to be SOOO cute!!

  2. Yes your husband had been drinking when we made this bet. It was the night the 4 of us drank on your patio. Still can't remember what the bet was though...lucky for him :) Yep I am sticking with the ones I emailed you. Amber and I are going to start practicing soon so we have them perfected by April!