Friday, July 30, 2010

In 9 months....

...We'll be getting married!!! Did I scare you for a second? I can't believe we are down to single digit months! I'd have to say that I think we achieved the most wedding accomplishments this week. Here are the things that we got done this week:

1. Received church info and mailed back the form they sent as well as the deposit. SSOO glad I can stop freaking out about the church now.

2. Received floral outline and an estimated cost for what I want. Signed that sheet and mailed it back with the deposit. Only a few changes had to be made!

3. Talked with our photographer about taking pics around Manhattan (close to church) with the bridal party before we take pics with family in church. She is also putting together a schedule for the day (including when we should all get ready). She's like my friend, photographer, AND wedding planner. Love her!

4. Talked with limo service. The lady didn't speak English that well so I just said I would reply to her email and we could communicate that way. I told her the vehicle I wanted and come to find out, it was on special this month so she is giving it to us for the special price!!

5. Found a travel agent that is going to email us everything she can find in our price range and that's on a beach (we may be finding a new agent because Derek talked to her last Friday and we still haven't heard back)!

Now for what I want accomplished in the next month:

1. Centerpieces!!! I have a couple ideas but nothing I love.

2. Invitations. Not order them yet (need to finalize times for everything) but look into them.

3. Videographer. Derek's uncle is going to be getting back to him on if he has a student that could do it or if his son could do it.

4. Music for ceremony. Church gave us a list of organists that I need to try and get a hold of.

5. Bridesmaid/flower girl dresses. I told my sister Amber she is in charge of bridesmaid dresses but I suppose I could help her out a little :)

That's all for now! I will give you an update a month from now on how my to do list is coming along.


  1. your SO on top of it! NICE WORK!! Are those the invites you want?? ADORABLE!

    in 9 months... funny funny, but i saw your facebook status first so nope you didnt scare me! :)

    the blog looks great, glad you figured it out!

  2. I like the invitations but not sure their what I want. Haven't looked much. I am feeling very relieved after this week. Things are really coming along. Now get to KC so we can find you girls dresses and me some centerpieces!