Thursday, July 8, 2010


After waiting 4 VERY long weeks our new phones finally arrived!! They arrived just in time because our blackberrys are going to fall apart any day now. So here is what we got

The Droid Incredible. It's similar to an Iphone but has actually gotten better reviews! Your gonna have to bare with me while I get used to using this thing. If it takes me 45 min. to reply to your text, this is why.

In other news, we will be heading to Manhattan this weekend. I am SO excited because Amy and the kids, my brother, and mom are all coming too! We are looking at a couple churches (yes, we still haven't found one) and meeting with the florist. Derek's parents are going to try and come up Saturday to try out a catering place for the rehearsal so we are going to have lunch with them. Lastly, I get to babysit Madi and Boston Saturday night! I have watched them since they were both babies and I have missed them SO much since I have moved. I hardly get to see them so when Leslie said she was going to dinner Saturday night, I begged her to let me watch them. Well, I didn't have to beg much because Madi misses me just as much as I miss her!

Off to learn how to work my phone!

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